Senin, 28 Juni 2010

5 ways to keep the cost down on your letterpress wedding invitations

Many brides are absolutely in love with letterpress but are afraid of the higher price tags they usually come with. For style-conscious brides who are looking for letterpress invitations that won’t break the bank, there are many ways to keep the cost down (without sacrificing style). Here are five ways to shop for letterpress invitations on a budget.

1) 1-color designs
It's surprising how 1-color letterpress invitations can turn out to be as equally impressive as 2 or 3 color designs. Letterpress is a lot about texture and retains its rich, luxurious feel regardless of the number of colors. Colored envelopes or belly-bands can be used to brighten up and add contrast to the rest of the set.

2) Reply postcards
Reply postcards are a great way to save on costs and reduce bulk at the same time. Since there is no need for printed reply envelopes, the savings is substantial. Even better, a reply postcard requires less postage.

3) Unprinted envelopes
For brides who do not mind a little extra work, ordering unprinted envelopes is a huge cost savings. Instead of having your address letterpress printed onto the envelopes, you can handwrite your own address for a personal touch.

4) Mix and match
Just because you send out a letterpress invitation doesn’t mean that all of your wedding stationery needs to be letterpressed. Since the invitation is usually a keepsake, most brides prefer to have only their invitation set letterpressed and all other items digitally printed. This means paying a lot less for your place cards, escort cards, programs, menus, and more.

5) Quantity
With letterpress printing, the initial run is the most time consuming, and therefore, costs the most. The larger your guest list, the more you save. For weddings with a large number of invitees, letterpress invitations can be surprisingly affordable.

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